Your Dog is your Mirror – September 2023

Your Dog is your Mirror – September 2023

Have you ever seen a Pup that looks like its owner? It’s a little freaky how much they resemble each other. Matching hair and fur, similar droopy expressions or even twining waddley walks. Though it may just seem like a doppelganger from the outside, the resemblance actually comes from deeper
within. Much like how adopted children end up looking quite a bit like their adoptive parents. So, what causes this phenomenon?

We are all comprised of energy. Actions and reactions dictate everything in this world we come in contact with. The same is true for your Pups and the thing they come in contact with the most is us. They rely on us all day and all night for everything that they need. Food, love, play, exercise, potty breaks, it all comes from us. Now here comes the part that starts to connect them with us on a deeper level. Our personality is obviously in all those connections we have with our Pups, and they begin to pick up on our actions and reactions to things. They sense our moods; our energy and they act and react accordingly.

Dogs are impressionable and absorb everything around them. So, if you are a high strung or nervous person by nature, always on the move, quick, quick, quick, then chances are your dog will also be. If you are a zen, meditating yoga master then your dog will probably be quite chill. But still how does that create a mirrored look between you and your Pup? Just like children, as we grow up it is the actions of the older people around us that shape our
reactions. If you are joking with your parents and their typical reaction is a particular smile, the reality is that in your future that same smile will grace your face when someone is joking with you. You might even get called out on it with a statement like “Wow you look so much like your Dad”. So, the same
goes for your dog. They study our actions and reactions, which is how they better discern our moods or the meanings of our words. Dogs are extremely intuitive and though this sounds absurd they almost see life in the form of energy passed around. They begin to act and react in the same line of energy we would.

Now that we understand that our Pups are much like our children with how they observe the world around them and take it all in. It is easy to understand how our Pups can start to resemble us. No, they don’t have the same noses as us or the same color eyes, but the resemblance lies in the
expressions and demeanor. A calm relaxed person will convey such feelings in their facial structure and so will their dog. Soft sweet eyes, loose jaw, floppy ears and our brains will actually recognize the energy from both creatures and match the similarities, therefore giving us the effect of them looking like each other. So, the next time you see a Pup and owner pair that look alike you will know that the Pup is connected to its owner on a deeper level. You are the mirror your Pup looks into every day.

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