Spring Hair Cuts – March 2022

Spring Hair Cuts – March 2022

Spring is finally approaching and it’s time to shed the winter pounds and for your Pups their winter coats. Some coats get ready to shed out come the spring. While some coats have been growing long and fluffy all winter and they are ready for a good snip. You still should have been conducting regular routine grooming throughout winter to make sure your Pup stays in good shape. Either way a spring cleaning is in order so let’s dive in and see how to handle each one.

For all our short haired shedding breeds it is the season to “blow coat” as most would call it. This is when the thick layer of undercoat that has been keeping them warm all winter lets loose and starts to fall out. You start to see the hair dust bunnies rolling thru your house and clumps or tufts of lighter colored hair falling out of your Pup. It is about that time to head
to the groomer for a full spa treatment. While you can jump in and start brushing your Pup at home, your groomer will really be able to give your Pup a thorough de-shed. They will help get all that winter undercoat out and get your Pup feeling ready for warmer weather. All that undercoat has been acting like great insulation all winter and it is time to go. Once removed
your Pup’s coat will serve as its new air conditioning system for the upcoming heat.

The other Pups have most likely been growing their coats long all winter to keep warm and now it is time for a good clean up. It will be good to get that longer coat shortened up and let some air get down to the skin. Your Pup may have even gotten tangled up a bit over the winter between the length of the coat and the wet weather. Airing on the shorter side for the spring/summer is always advisable. Along with the warmer weather comes flea and tick season. For our Pups with longer coat it can be hard to spot these little pests so shorter is more manageable. There is also those Pups that are mixed breeds and they both grow coat and shed undercoat. This is often the case in many of the Doodle mixes. So, they tend to need quite a
bit of maintenance by the time the spring rolls around.

Now that we understand the different types of coats it is up to you to decide the appropriate hairstyle for the summer. Is your Pup a sunbather? Make sure you don’t cut them too short; they can get sunburn too. Is your Pup a swimmer? Then make sure you pick a hairstyle that will allow for easy maintenance when coming in and out of the pool. Which ever you choose just make sure it accommodates you and your Pups lifestyle. The goal is to find a hairstyle that you like, but that is also realistic for you to keep up with. Both you and your Pup will be very grateful for it.

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