Social Butterfly Pups – December 2021

Social Butterfly Pups – December 2021

Believe it or not we are rolling around to the Holiday season yet again. Despite Covid still hanging about like a black cloud waiting to rain, most people have found themselves more inclined to travel and visit at least with family. We are also venturing back out to work and running errands ourselves instead of relying on Amazon and Instacart alone. So where does that leave our four-legged Pups? They have gotten very used to always being with us since we have been home all the time. They have enjoyed extra long walks and quite the abundance of love. Plus, there has been no weekend getaways or family ventures, so the Pups haven’t needed to handle you leaving.

Well, it is time now to start a new chapter for your Pup and you. You are headed back to work and setting up plans for Holiday meet ups. Your Pup will also need a new social life and a new way to handle you not being around 24/7. Enter a reputable establishment that will cater to your Pups new social challenges. Don’t forget, just like us they have been detached from the outside world for the last year or so.

Doggy Daycare is the most perfect way to help your Pup break back into his or her social life. Look for a place that will suit your Pups individual needs. Maybe your Pup is extra shy and needs small groups to start out with. Some places mix dogs by temperament rather then size. It is very possible to have an extremely nervous Golden Retriever in with a Bichon if they are in the same mental state. Putting the timid Golden in with other dogs that are of like size but not like temperament could really set your Pup off on the wrong foot or should I say paw. It would be like throwing a shy teenager into a
college frat party, it might leave a real sour taste in their mouth for the future. So, it is very important that your daycare understands your Pups needs and doesn’t just make them another number in the computer.

You should also try to find a Daycare that also has boarding for your Pup. This way he or she will relate staying overnight with the place they have been playing and having a good time at. Plus, then during the day they will go right into daycare all day and only sleep in their kennel at night. This will give them a much easier transition into being away from their home and from you. Always start with a bunch of Daycare visits first before you board. You can start with half days and then gradually make them longer so that your Pup always knows you are coming back. Once they are excited to go their new place, staying there with people they have grown to love will be no trouble at all and you will have a much easier time leaving them. Wherever you choose for your Pup to go should always feel like family, that is the most important thing.

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