Full Groom

 A bath in our massaging tub with perfectly selected shampoo for your pups coat. Their nails can either be trimmed or filed. Ears will always be cleaned and don’t forget those private bits…no one wants a dirty hiney! Next is a full brush out to make sure there are no tangles. Followed by a Full Body Haircut or extra de-shedding depending on your breed. Full Body Haircuts vary greatly from breed to breed, but usually consist of some length being cut from the entire dog. We are well versed in all Breed Cuts and any modifications you may want.
(All shedding breeds are usually considered Full Grooms)


Your pup will get all the same great treatment as a Full Groom (Bath, Nails, Ears, etc) with a toned down version of a Full Body Haircut. Your baby will only get a light face trim and their feet rounded, they will not have length removed from their entire body.


Every dog is different as is every haircut. Pricing is determined using several different factors

Is your dog small, medium or large?
Does your dog get a haircut or is it short haired?
What kind of haircut does your dog get – short? long?
What kind of condition is the coat in – knotty? brushed?
How often does your pup get groomed – monthly? quarterly? yearly?
How does your pup behave – respectfully? a nibbler? fiesty?

There will be an additional charge for De-Matting your dog. The cost will vary depending on the severity of the matting.